Issuers of Debt


We are looking for a long term relationship, not a quick acquisition.

We understand that for this to happen that we must keep your interests in mind and protect your interests and brand reputation.  We are very selective about who we sell to, and we maintain a level of control on the resale of all debt originally sold to us, as well as a registry, so that debt is not later sold to parties that do not meet the high standards of our issuers.  You set the parameters as to who can own your debt, and we operate within them.

By registering each account with its current owner, we eliminate the frustration of debtors having to call multiple parties to track down their debt.  You simply advise them that you sold the debt to us, and we put the debtor in touch with the person that can help them.We take every complaint seriously, and address them immediately.  We would love to tell you that we never have complaints, but that would not be realistic in the era of the CFPB online portal.  What we can honestly tell you is that our complaints are minimal, and we handle every one promptly and professionally.

We offer fair pricing, based upon liquidation estimates of fully compliant collection practices in our licensed and bonded agencies.  We outsource all of our collection work only to fully licensed agencies with a positive history of compliant operations.If you are an issuer that would like to sell charged off debt, but do not want to worry about what will happen to your customers and your paper, then let us show you why selling your debt should be worry- free.

Please call Kevin Whipple at:  208-936-4701